Jul 25, 2011

2:46 a.m., Sunday into Monday

Pulling out my hair …
I need to finish this paperrrrr!!
And I need,
need ...
a boyfriend,
a lover,
a steady, steady, steady.
A sure thing,
a right on time,
a song in the night.
But … not right now.

(When my head is clear, I'm gonna regret posting this.)

Jul 9, 2011

Back at the Lake

Hibiscus along Greenbelt Lake/July 9, 2011. (I took this pic!)

I came back to you,
and you were
just as I needed
you to be:

In your flirty
morning mood,
your slow and
easy sway,
you welcomed
my return.

And with
coy pleasure,
surprised me.
I hadn't imagined
that you would be
more lush than ever.

Jul 8, 2011

God. Me. (No. 2)

God is the song 
that is in my head,
now out of my mouth,
riding the air,
soon to settle on someone’s heart --
just where it’s been pierced.

Jul 3, 2011

America The Beautiful -- Ray Charles

Indeed, God graces the whole Universe. Is there not beauty everywhere? I've seen the mountains of Salzburg and a rainbow across the Caribbean Sea. With that said, I post this song because RAY CHARLES ignores ideology and politics, and he stakes claim to his birthright: to love America and call it his home. The song really gets to me. But, it's Ray Charles! Growing up in our household, Ray ruled the hi-fi!

Jul 2, 2011

God. Me. (No. 1)

Sometimes, life won't let you sink. 
Even after you've stopped fighting the tears,
have stepped into the hole. 
laid down and curled up. 
God says no, and sends 
someone to pull you out. 

I don't have answers now, 
and I want answers. 
But I have God...