Mar 20, 2014

On Chocolate ... or, Chocolate On

Was sorting through laundry and came across a shocking reminder of what must have been a particularly bad day, or moment. From the pile of laundry, I pulled out a brand new bright, white t-shirt, worn once. I noticed a small chocolate stain, and another, and a little bit of chocolate over here, and then a big old smudge of chocolate there, a large smear of chocolate down here, and ... whhhhhat in the world?! I had been, clearly, in a chocolate state of mind. Gloomy. Bummed out. Forlorn. Weary. Worn. Well, we have these moments, days, and then we move on. 
I think it was cake.

Mar 12, 2014

Doing Nice

There are nice people in this world. Sometimes I just have to say that, so that the simple gestures, the unexpected kindnesses won't seem to go unnoticed, unacknowledged.
This evening, a young, college-age trio -- two females, one male -- was walking across a parking lot at the same time I was. I noticed two other women moving around a minivan, and another minivan was nearby, with its lights on and engine running. Were they unloading one and loading the other? Were they ending an evening out, chatting before going their separate ways? 
As I passed the first van on its passenger side, the young trio passed it on the driver's side. I heard the young man say to the two women near the vans: "Do you mind if I see if I can get it shut for you?" Ahhhh haaaaa ... the driver-side door on the first van wouldn't close. The young man -- despite the pizza box his friend was carrying -- stopped to help! There were kids in the van. It was dark and getting late. He thought he could help. 
People do nice things. Random acts of kindness.