Aug 9, 2010

You Have

You have not written 
the best-seller.

You have not given
your Tony Award
acceptance speech for
Best Actress in a Musical.

You are not the latter-day
Ida B. Wells
(though in your heart you are).

Stevie Wonder did not
sing at your wedding.

You do not regularly have
deep conversations
with your best friend
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

You don’t walk the halls
of the academy waxing
wise and funny.

But you have dreamed anyway.

You have laughed in your sleep.
You have sung through tears.
You have danced with your sister.
You have giggled with three-year-olds.

You have rolled in the grass.

You have heard Daddy recite Dunbar
and Ma’s rich alto/tenor render
Jesus knows, Jesus cares.

You have been held in strong arms.

You have inhaled the soft
sweetness of Johnson’s baby powder
on baby brothers’
smoothbrown bellies,
and have chased their happy
short legs down hallways.

Loving eyes have smiled at you.

You have counted stars.

© Avis Matthews

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