May 2, 2011

Dear Stevie Wonder: We Need a Human Kindness Day

May 2, 2011 1:15 a.m. -- Yesterday, I posted a message on Facebook about a random act of kindness done by a woman I encountered downtown. Do any other children of the '70s recall Human Kindness Day, headlined in '75 by Stevie Wonder on the grounds of the Washington Monument? Newspaper accounts report that the day turned violent. I swear, I don't remember that. I have this sensory memory of Human Kindness Day, and I remember it as being all happiness and light. Feeling free. I was a senior in high school. Life didn't get much better. Hmmmm.

As I watch folks celebrate bin Laden's death, I feel a need for a Human Kindness Day. Maybe this is that for some of those celebrating tonight. Could it be? Not judging. I know this moment is cathartic for many. I know it's bringing that horrible morning racing to the front of many people's minds. I think about the horror of the Pentagon. Still, human kindness would serve us well now.
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