Aug 23, 2011

The Earth Quaked

Vulnerable. The Earth moving beneath you. Slipping out from under you. Like that dream when you're falling, falling. What is there to hold onto?
Was in the school library during my planning period. Thought someone was rolling a big dolly of new tech equipment (wishful thinking) down the hallway. Having never had the floor or walls move like that in the 6-1/2 years I've been at this relatively new school, I shifted my thinking: this is ... oh no ... is it... are we having ... definitely.
Stayed in my chair, looked up to see what was over my head, grabbed onto the table, and held on. Students in classrooms began to yell. A book display fell over, just missing a male teacher who ran across the room like a scared little girl.
I was cool. The librarian and I wondered if school would be closed tomorrow, maybe the next day, a couple of weeks?
I called the folks to make sure all was well. It was. My father tells a funny story. My mother was in her car after visiting my uncle at the hospital. She didn't feel a thing. She's disappointed she missed it.
Back at school, evacuation! Outside in the sun and heat for two hours waiting for parents, busses. Bonded with my colleagues.
All is well. God is eternally good.

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