Mar 18, 2012

Springtime in D.C.: One Version

What a knockout morning yesterday in D.C. was! 

Went to Arlington National Cemetery with my mother, a few of my aunts, an uncle, and two cousins (shut up ... we are not the Waltons!), where my Uncle Bo is laid to rest. So lovely and poignant, taking in the landscape of this national monument. 

Passed the marathon runners on the way over and back. Drove very, very slowly on Independence Ave. to gawk one more time at the King Memorial. 

Cherry blossoms circling the Tidal Basin. 

On M St. near the Navy Yard, two pre-teen boys in their Saturday clothes -- one black, one white -- running down the sidewalk like boys do. Running just to be running, all arms and legs.

On Penn. Ave. SE, signs of gentrification are no longer signs; that 'hood is now gentrified. But my aunt points at something across from the Yes! market: "The Morton's sign is still there." 

Chocolate City lives! So, please don't take down that sign!

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