Jun 2, 2012

Things That Happen in School

Friday. 2nd period. 

I'd distributed the final exam, and my beautiful  students were ready to take it on! (I really do love this class.)

Then, Brittany got up from her desk and started walking toward me. Well, with the final exam distributed, I couldn't imagine why Brit would wait until now to ask to go to the bathroom. It must be one of those womanly things that came out of nowhere, I thought. Brit is responsible, conscientious, always ready to jump right into her work. What was up?

I was standing up organizing some papers as Brit approached me. She was smiling sweetly. I smiled back and was getting ready to tell her to go ahead to the ladies room. But she came right up to me and sort of leaned in, as if to tell me something confidential. I'm thinking: Ohhh, she's probably a little embarrassed.

She got closer and leaned in even more, compelling me to lean toward her. Then, in the most mature and subtle tone, without a hint of laughter, Brit whispered: "Ms. Matthews-Davis, you have toilet paper hanging from the back of your pants."

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