Oct 5, 2013

You've Got to Learn ... and You Will Live

To My Students: 

A good life doesn't mean you will always win, you will always be right, you will always get what you want, you will always be the best, nor that your money and/or education will buy you anything. (Read up on "teachers' salaries" and "government furlough.")

So, here are some lessons offered up by Nina*, lessons many adults seem reluctant to teach you. (Secret: we're still learning these lessons ourselves; it never stops.) Nina sings:
"You've got to learn to be much stronger, sometimes your head must rule your heart. You've got to learn from hard experience, and listen to advice -- and sometimes pay the price."
And, students, you WILL live, and your life still will be real, real good! 

(*writers Charles Azvanour and Marcel Stellman)
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