Dec 14, 2013

It's Your Soul to Keep

This morning, I read the blog of a man whose marriage was ending. He was crushed, devastated, reviewing where he'd gone wrong. He was advising other men, and that was thoughtful, but ... he seemed not to know himself. Among other things, he said he should have given his soul to his wife. Whooaaaaa! What? Was that his anguish talking?

Is that what a woman wants of a man: his soul? What would that leave him? No, love does not demand that. It saddens me that people are so insecure, so afraid to search their own souls for self, for truth, for peace, for joy that they wrench it out of someone else. Take their soul? Tracy Chapman sings about it:

"Oh my mama told me/'Cause she say she learned the hard way/Say she wanna spare the children/She say don't give or sell your soul away/'Cause all that you have is your soul ..." 
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