Jan 4, 2014

Asking "Why?" not just "Why not?"

Reading in today's paper about D.C. news personality J.C. Hayward and the Options Public Charter School lawsuit.
How far have we really come when our measurements of a good, successful life are limited to (1) social status/fame and (2) wealth? We MUST know better than that, yet we keep perpetuating that standard. Look at how we so quickly defend entrepreneurs with the lame excuse, "Hey, that's just business!" Is there no line? Should we at least not question ourselves, ponder long and hard, and then moderate our thinking and our behavior, if necessary?
There is no one who walks a straight line from start to finish, and I'm not suggesting that. I am saying: Along the way of life, in this quest for a good life, can we sometimes stop and ask ourselves why -- not just why not?
Can the answers to "why" justify the decisions we will make? They might indeed. What seems wrong could be right. Each situation is different, and we don't always see the whole picture, know the whole story. We might end up saying, "Oh, now I see why."
Then there are things that seem wrong on the surface. A closer examination reveals a certain wrongness and selfishness at the very root.
This desire some people have to be universally loved, liked, adored, revered, and celebrated 24/7/365, as, seemingly, with J.C. Hayward, is a rather sad thing, The desire to acquire wealth by any means necessary, as alleged against the charter board's officers, is disgusting. Always has been. Let's see what all the evidence reveals.
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